Sioux chief Big Foot was seventy-years old and in poor health suffering with a pneumonia, when he was killed by the 7th U.S cavalry during the massacre at Wounded Knee. The Goverment considered Big Foot as a trouble maker so they sent out the 7th U.S cavelry to locate and capture Big Foot. And about twenty miles short of his destination of Pine Ridge Big Foot and his followers were captured. They were brought to the army camp at Wounded Knee, were the soldiers had set up four Hotchiss guns on a ridge overlooking the Sioux camp.



The Sioux were orded to hand over their weapons, but suddenly under all the confusion a singel shot broke out, and that was all the soldiers needed, the Hotchiss guns started to fire at close range. The Siuox - Indians didn´t had a chance, the panic - striken women, many with babies in arms or waiting to be born, and children were shot down by the machinguns. Those who survived the initial onslaught and tried to hid were pursued and killed. The massacre ended with more than 180 dead Sioux, about half women and children, and emong them Big Foot. And with that the red mans fight against the white intruders had ended for good...

"Big Foot the leader of the Sioux, captured at the battle/slaughterfield of Wounded Knee. Here he lies frozen on the snow-coverd battle/slaughterfield were he died December 29 1890"





"Wounded Knee"

Bury my heart at Wounded Knee
Where a baby´s blood was
a soldiers pay

Bury my heart at Wounded Knee
let it lie with my brothers
till the judgement day

My people were the earth
and the earth was home
when they stole their land
then they stole their bones

Let my people, let my people pass
crossing over this jordan is all we ask

Take the eyes of the guns of peace
my people can´t eat promises
but they can pray

Now my blood is flowing back to Tennessee
and my soul is moving in and out of reach
I´m dancing cause I carry my father´s seed
and I´m walkin´on this earth to see my people free
Bury my heart at Wounded Knee...

- Priscillia Coolidge (Jones) -







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Photo:1- Corporal Paul Wernert and Gunners at Wounded Knee
Photo:2 - View of Wounded Knee, Jan 1891
Photo3: - Big Foot corpse at Wounded Knee, photo, Jan 1891