8th Ohio at Gettysburg by Dale GallonOutside of a small town called Gettysburg on July 1-3 1863, the Confederate Army and the Union Army fought in the larges battle in the western hemisphere. Here, more men died than any other place in North America. Both sides suffered an estimated 51.000 casualties. The battle of Gettysburg is the bloodiest battle in American history. This battle was the turning point of the war, the casualties were so great that never again did the Confederate Army possess the moral and physical strength to invade the Union.


Texas Pride by Dale GallonFrom the opening shot at 7:30 A.m on July 1, 1863 to 4 P.m on July 3, more than 569 tons of ammunition had been expended. The battle of Gettysburg was fought with 172.000 men and 634 cannons, and beside the casualties of 51.000 men, more than 5000 horses were killed...





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After The Battle After the Battle
"After the Battle of Gettysburg"
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"The two oil paintings are made by Dale Gallon"

Just before the battle mother by George Frederick Root

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